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How to uninstall 4shared program easily?

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4Shared program can be a bear to uninstall. I actually had to write the company to figure out how to get it out of my computer (and even after uninstall, I had to reset my homepage, which was still set to a 4shared google type search page).

You’re not going to find it (at least I didn’t) in your program files to add or remove it. And if the below steps don’t work, you will probably have to do a search for all 4shared files and manually delete them (but I’m sure they have some of them that install under “other” names than 4shared so that it’s hard to find them.

It’s almost like a virus – it resets your homepage, sets in a search engine toolbar, and is very difficult to get rid of. Here are some things which may help you uninstall the 4shared program. Also included is company contact information.

To uninstall, you will probably have to take about 3-4 different steps:

1) try to uninstall the program itself (directions below)

2) Uninstall the tool bar (directions below)

3) Get rid of the 4shared search engine tool box (instructions below).

4) Reset your homepage away from 4shared (please google how to reset your homepage)

Each part of the program needs to be done and there may be other ways this program has invaded that I do not know about here.
How to Remove 4shared program
Step 1 – Uninstall the Program itself

1) Go to your computer’s MAIN Start menu (big green button on left side of screen if you have a Microsoft OS system),

2) Choose the tab ‘All programs’ and find the folder 4shared services in the list.

3) Choose 4shared Desktop and press uninstall.

4) Restart your system.
Remove toolbar and search engine from internet explorer
Step 2 – Uninstall the 4shared Toolbar

1) In Firefox click Tools -> Addons -> Highlight 4hared and disable it, then restart your browser. The company 4hared told me to “hide” it. These were THEIR directions:
“Go to View> Toolbars and one needs to be unchecked.”

In internet explorer, you can click on the little arrow next to your search engine box (its a drop down arrow next to an icon of a magnifying glass). See the picture with the red arrow on it for details.

Once you’ve located the drop down arrow, go to the bottom of the drop down list and click “manage search providers”

Now click “toolbars” see if the 4shared toolbar is installed, and if so, click “disable”

**Note** this is also the step in instructions below for removing the 4shared search engine. If you click “search engine” you will be able to see it to remove it.

**Note** I’m not sure if this actually removes the toolbar from your internet explorer.

Here are the details the company 4shared gave me to remove the toolbar from ie and other browsers:
“In IE the toolbar can be customized through right-click on it selecting ‘Customize command bar’ or something like that.

To remove the 4shared Toolbar from Apple Mac. Safari browsers, open the
Finder application and browse to Applications. Scroll down to Toolbars and
click on 4shared Toolbar. Double click on Uninstall. Fill in the User name
& Password and click the OK button. For more information, please refer to
your Safari help documentation.”

Removing a search engine in mozilla firefox
Step 3 – Uninstall 4shared Search Engine

This will help you uninstall search engines in your browser.

in Mozilla Firefox:

1) Up at the top left corner where you see the search engine box, click the drop down menu arrow on the right side of the box (see picture for details).

2) Choose “manage search engines”

3) Highlight 4shared and click “remove” (yu can do this with other search engines too)

How to remove a search engine in Internet explorer:

It’s the exact same thing, but the little arrow is on the other side, and you have to click “manage search providers”



Don’t forget to reset your homepage! Do a quick online search if you don’t know how to do this.

I’ve done the best I can, I hate this program. Your computer is now as clean as I can make it from this program. If you still fail, maybe the perfect uninstaller here will help you!

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